Corona - school closures but no holidays

pdf kleinSchool closures – no lessons does not mean holidays!

  • School closures due to Covid-19 are not school holidays
  • Teachers and senior members of staff continue to work
  • Students are meant to use this time for learning and revision

Learning material and information on

  • Learning material and tasks can be found on our webpage
  • Ask form teachers for user name and password
  • School webpage informs you regularly about Covid-19 updates relevant for our school

Learning at home

  • Aim: meaningful and reasonable learning tasks to revise and solidify what has already been discussed in class; guided forms of acquiring new content
  • Important: once schools open again, the content will be discussed in class
  • Students must bring all their work completed at home back to school
  • After discussion of the work in class, the content will form the basis of the next class tests!
  • Support your child with the organization of their work at home!

The advice given on the next page may help you to establish daily routines at home.

Best wishes
The staff of Heinrich-Heine-Gesamtschule!


Daily routines

  • Plan reliable times for eating, learning, playing and media use
  • Make sure to keep a regular sleep pattern
  • If you like, compile a weekly schedule with your children

Useful links to educational content:

TV Guide:

  • WDR 11.30 a.m. daily „Die Sendung mit der Maus“
  • KIKA 11.05 a.m. and 7:50 p.m. daily „logo“ (news programme for children/teenagers)

Physical exercise and fresh air

  • Encourage your children to take walks outside, to do some light running or go cycling
  • Allow for a healthy balance of body and soul
  • Explain the social distancing order to your children – it is vitally important to keep a distance from others!
  • Physical exercise at home? – The Internet offers much inspiration for light workout exercises, Yoga, Tabata etc.

Maintaining relationships, avoiding contact

  • Allow your children to use the telephone, Skype or social media to stay in contact with family, classmates and friends
  • Encourage your children to write letters etc.

Media consumption

  • Keep an eye on an appropriate consumption of TV, internet content und smartphone usage
  • Discuss balanced, easy-to-understand daily media times with your children and keep to the conditions.

Overview of nationwide measures against the spread of Covid-19 (in German)

Support from our school’s social service team

If you feel you need support while your children have to study at home, don’t hesitate to contact our school’s social service team!
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